Brad is an Professor in the Department Plant Sciences with a faculty appointment to the School of Landscape Architecture.  Advanced design studio and professional practices are among the courses he teaches, in addition to fundamentals of landscape design in Plant Sciences’ undergraduate landscape design program. He is also co-instructor for Plant Sciences’ International Landscapes Program that tours landscapes abroad each spring.
His research interests include landscape performance, specifically watershed stewardship through low impact development, and sustainable planning and design in the context of professional practice.  Community-engaged service learning opportunities are offered under his leadership through the UT Smart Communities Initiative and the Environmental Design Lab. Brad builds on the program’s tradition of value-added partnerships with Tennessee communities and his own experience as the landscape architecture program’s liaison to the Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) regional planning initiative from 2011 through 2014. Through PlanET, program studios developed demonstration projects that explore concepts in sustainable regional growth, many of which were run under his direction.  He co-authored Low Impact Development: Opportunities for the PlanET Region, a publication that celebrates the region’s iconic landscape and water resources, discusses their existing condition and threats, and proposes Low Impact Development as an approach to watershed planning, community design, and site development that avoids, minimizes, and manages impacts to the region’s shared water resources.
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