1. Tell us a little about your career trajectory since you graduated from UT.
Since graduating UT with both my B.Arch and MLA degrees I moved to Los Angeles. For several years I worked at Adam Sokol Architecture Practice (a small boutique design firm) where I managed architecture and installation projects and led the research branch of the practice. I went on to study at SCI-Arc where I received a postgraduate degree in Fiction and Entertainment under the leadership of Liam Young. Since graduating from SCI-Arc, I have been working as a media artist, showing work at galleries in Los Angeles and internationally. In addition to my art practice, I freelance as a creative technologist in the entertainment, art, and tech industries and as a creative director (including for my own brand, Happy Medium). Most recently, I accepted a part-time position as a Lecturer at UCLA in the Design Media Arts program.  
2. Are you licensed? If yes, when did you get licensed and do you have anything to say about that process?
I never pursued licensure in landscape architecture or architecture and have no regrets about this decision. 
3. How has your degree in landscape architecture helped you to achieve your goals?
While I haven’t taken a “traditional” landscape architect’s career path, many of the skills I learned during my education in architecture and landscape architecture at UTK have set me apart from my peers and have allowed me to excel in a variety of roles. It has been quite easy for me to lead projects, critically frame my artistic practice, and learn a broad range of technical skills. I have created value for myself in being a creative generalist (using many skills from my MLA degree) with the ability to advise on multiple design pipelines and creative processes. 
4. Do you have any advice for future landscape architecture students?
Experiment and be open minded. 

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