Course Description: ​​​​​​​This course is intended to provide students with an awareness and appreciation for contemporary landscape architecture. While the primary focus of the course will be from 1950 to the present, we will periodically reach farther back into history in order to better understand key historical precedent projects and designers that were or are influential to contemporary designers and projects. This course situates current practices through a survey of precedents, events and spatial developments across cultures and scales. In order to understand the projective discipline of landscape architecture, we must study how it has been informed, influenced and shifted over its relatively short existence.
"The Park"- !melk
Tianjin Qiaoyuan Wetland Park – Turenscape
Jardi Botanic De Barcelona: - Carlos Ferrater / Bet Figueras
Vietnam Memorial-Maya Lin
Bagel Garden-Martha Schwartz
Portland Open Space- Lawrence Halprin
Sitio Roberto Burle Marx-Burle Marx
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