Course Description: ​​​​​​​This course focuses on regional landscape systems with an emphasis on community development, spatial planning, urban/rural networks, and natural resource sustainability. Students engage with community partners to tackle complex issues such as water resource stewardship, infrastructure adaptation, ecological resilience, environmental justice, policy innovation, and economic development. Interdisciplinary teams of architecture and landscape architecture students are encouraged.
Instructor: Brad Collett
project by Danny Rose and Dustin Toothman, MLA
The Tennessee River Atlas was the first project undertaken by the Tennessee River Studio. It is an extensive set of research of the Tennessee River Valley and its ecosystem.  The Tennessee River Atlas can be viewed here. The studio publication of visionary proposals can be viewed here.
project by Paul Bamson, MLA
project by Brian Stovall, MLA
project by Alexa Macri, MLA
Instructor: Brad Collett
Studio research about water quality and pollutants informed design interventions in the SETDD studio
projects by Sarah Newton and Kyra Wu, MLA
projects by Andrew Tarsi and Ruxin Tao, MLA
Instructor: Brad Collett
project by Zach Hunter, MLA
projects by Luis Venegas and Jessica Neary, MLA
Instructor: Brad Collett 
project by Luke Murphree and Justin Bruno, MLA
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