Course Description: ​​​​​​​This course focuses on regional landscape systems with an emphasis on community development, spatial planning, urban/rural networks, and natural resource sustainability. Students engage with community partners to tackle complex issues such as water resource stewardship, infrastructure adaptation, ecological resilience, environmental justice, policy innovation, and economic development. Interdisciplinary teams of architecture and landscape architecture students are encouraged.
Instructor // Chad Manley
project by Marti Roca Busacker, Fall 2022
Tennessee River Studio
Instructors // Brad Collett and Pippa Brashear
project by Katherine Hill, Sabrina Collins, and Georgia Morris, Fall 2021  
River as Actor
Instructor // Brad Collett
project by Stormie Tibbs, Fall 2020
River as Park
Instructor // Brad Collett
project by Sydney Bittinger, Fall 2019
Instructor // Brad Collett
project by Danny Rose and Dustin Toothman, Fall 2018
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