Course Description: ​​​​​​​This course focuses on issues of space and form in landscape architectural design. Working at small and intermediate scales, students explore contemporary and historical theories of space and form through a range of analog and digital media with a particular emphasis on 3-dimensional modeling. Students work rapidly across several projects in order to explore multiple formal and spatial concepts and practice new techniques.
Instructor: Gale Fulton
project by Sarah Newton, MLA
project by Lindsey Bradley, MLA
project by Kyra Wu, MLA
Process models from  the form, space, program studio prompt
Instructor: Gale Fulton
process models and material studies
project by Caley Shoemaker, MLA
Instructor: Gale Fulton
project by Aaron Shugart-Brown
project by Michael Housley, MLA
project by Zach Hunter, MLA
Instructor: Andrea Hansen
project by Alexa Macri, MLA
Instructor: Andrew Madl
The images above were a result of studio research conducted to better understand the climate and environmental atmospheres of Nashville, Tennessee 
project by Chloe Reeves, MLA
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