Course Description: ​​​​​​​This course focuses on issues of infrastructure and urbanism with particular emphasis on new approaches to the design of metropolitan conditions using landscape as the primary organizing system. Students develop comprehensive projects which include inventive programmatic conditions, strategies for implementation, and concrete spatial and formal designs.
Instructor // Andrew Madl
project by Nora Jacobs and Sarah Kenney, Fall 2022
//Field Condition: Re-programing Interfaces of Attraction
Instructor // Andrew Madl
project by Stormie Tibbs and Marilyn Reish, Fall 2021
Instructor // Andrew Madl
project by Danny Rose and Chloe Reeves, Fall 2019
Instructor // Andrew Madl
project by Alexa Macri and Maggie House, Fall 2018
project by Fern Turpin and Subu Bhandari, Fall 2018
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