Course Description: ​​​​​​​This course surveys the evolving socio-ecological conditions resulting from urbanization, climate dynamics, evolving economies and technological innovation. Landscape architects around the world increasingly engage these complexities in the built environment to create new possibilities for the economic, social, and environmental performance of landscapes in public, private, and infrastructural territories. Students will use contemporary projects as a basis for understanding multi-scalar design approaches, technical details, and maintenance regimes. Emphasis will be placed on built landscapes and living systems as integral parts of more dynamic, resilient, and sustainable approaches to landscape design, implementation, and management across scales from the site to the watershed.
urban wildness
project by Josie Tunnell, Spring 2022
project by Aubrey Bader, Spring 2021
project by Abbey Stubblefield, Spring 2021
project by Chelsea Wukyra, Fall 2018
Its Alive!
Spring 2022
Spring 2021
project by Caleb Brackney, Spring 2020
Its About Time
Evy Vandivort, Spring 2022
Evy Vandivort, Spring 2022
Mia Roark, Spring 2022
Mia Roark, Spring 2022
Olivia Gingerich, Spring 2022
Olivia Gingerich, Spring 2022
project by Seth Zanoni, Spring 2021
project by Stormie Tibbs, Spring 2021
EXERCISE-unpacking performance
project by Christina Conrad, Spring 2020
project by Gerald Gorham, Spring 2020
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