Emily Gordon is a teacher and a practicing landscape architect. She is currently an Associate at Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, based in New York. Her professional work has focused on navigating the often competing demands placed on our shared landscapes by issues of climate resiliency, public access and social equity, ecologic viability, and politico-economic pressures. Working primarily in the public realm, her projects include campuses, waterfronts, urban design, parks and gardens—with a recent focus
in coastal resiliency, flood protection, and participatory design methodologies.
However, Emily initially found her way to landscape architecture through Art History, while living in the Hudson Valley amongst hills and rivers steeped in the American foundational mythologies that link so much of our culture, economies, and politics to the land itself. Fascinated by the ways in which humans have transformed, curated, consumed, and projected meaning onto the landscape, her understanding of contemporary sites and their many complexities is informed by reading the landscape as a layered history
of the systems that have run through it, act upon it, and are shaped by it.
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