What was your undergraduate degree and how did it influence your decision to pursue a MLA?
I got my undergraduate degree in Architecture here at the University of Tennessee. I decided to apply to
Landscape Architecture to diversify myself as a future professional as well as work to open new doors
for myself and my career.
What will you miss about Knoxville?
Knoxville is filled with all kinds of different things to do outside of school. One thing I will miss is the
proximity to so many great outdoor activities like hiking/backpacking, kayaking, and camping.
What activities do you pursue outside the school?
Outside of school, I try my best to be outdoors as much as possible. I am a huge golfer and hiker so any chance I have to get out and do those things, that is where you will find me.
What has been your most unique experience in the program?
During my Spring 23’ semester, I got the chance to go with my studio and travel across all of northern California. This experience was an incredible opportunity to go somewhere I have never been and meet so many great people while working on studio research.
Why did you choose the School of Landscape Architecture at UTK?
I was already in the Architecture program here at UTK and since the School of Landscape Architecture offers an amazing duel degree program that allowed me to get both my masters and bachelors in 6 years it felt like a no brainer.

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