What was your favorite class? What did you like about it?
My favorite class so far has been Inclusive and Exclusive Design. it is an interactive and collaborative class that aims to help better our understanding of the built environment around us. One thing I have learned is how to include everyone at the table when making decisions. This class has helped me understand that design is not just about aesthetics, but the role of us as designers in helping to shape societies that are equitable and more just.
Do you have a professor who has really inspired or challenged you? What did you learn from them?
One person that has been a big mentor to me along with always challenging me is Mike Ross. I first had him as a professor my sophomore year in my undergrad. Over the years he has taught me many things. Take everything with a grain of salt, you can’t change who someone is and take advantage of every opportunity. 
What activities do you pursue outside the school?
In my free time I tend to bake a lot. My favorite goods to bake are different sweet breads. I currently am experimenting with english muffins and sourdough.
What is one food you cannot resist?
Hotdogs. I grew up in the suburbs just outside of Chicago and have an unhealthy obsession with hotdogs. I once went hotdog testing with my friend and we ate 22 hotdogs in 2.5 weeks. 
What’s your favorite place and why?
My favorite place is Michigan. My grandparents had a house by the beach in Southwest Michigan growing up and every ‘picking’ season my family would be up there picking apples, pumpkins, strawberries, and blueberries. I recently took a trip to northern Michigan and visited a few small towns and climbed very tall sand dunes and the views are beautiful, it almost makes you forget where you are.
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