1.    Tell us a little about your career trajectory since you graduated from UT.
Upon graduation, amidst a pandemic, I took a job at a turn-key landscape company as a designer.  This was not exactly the job I was hoping for at the time, but securing anything within the profession was a priority.  As it turns out, the job was a great learning experience.  I obtained valuable insight into the macro-commercial side of landscape planting, installation, and design and basically used this knowledge as key a marketing tool toward landing my current job…a designer at Ross/Fowler here in Knoxville.  
2.    Any fond memories of your time at UTK that you would like to share?
Our cohort was a great group… all with various interests, backgrounds, and styles.  I will always cherish our collaboration during studio, the breakdown of SoLA life over drinks at the brewery/bar, and just how well we got along and we’re willing to help each other along the way.  
3.    Why did you join your present firm?
They have a deep history and their impact is evident by the many built projects in the Knoxville area and throughout the southeast.  We are very detail oriented and thorough, which suits my work style.  Plus, I can have my hand in many aspects of the job; very rarely do I work on the same type of work or use the same program every day.

4.    Do you have any advice for future landscape architecture students?
Be resourceful and rigorous in your learning.  Soak up as much as you can, while you can.  It may seem like a lot (it is) but any bit of knowledge acquisition will benefit you.  Be flexible, pay attention to detail, and ask questions. 
5.    What skills that you learned in your MLA program have you found to be the most helpful?
The ability to work across multiple platforms efficiently and learning to be adaptable in various programs was invaluable.
7.    How has your degree in landscape architecture helped you to achieve your goals?
My degree has placed me on a new life trajectory, really.  Six years ago, I quit my career as a teacher to aspire to do something new and exciting with my life and I haven’t looked back since.  I’m doing what I am supposed to do.
8.    What is your team like?
I work with a great group of hard working, determined, talented, and smart individuals who all have a deep passion for the profession.
9.    How long have you worked for your current firm or organization?
2 years.

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